The Terrific Tomato


In the thick heat of summer, August is often a month when we turn to our garden for a bit of respite. Whether that be for some shade under a great tree, for the cold splash intentionally misdirected while watering, or for a refreshing mouthful of home-grown tomatoes.

A tomato plant in full swing is one of the finest sights in a garden. Coming in all shapes, sizes and colours, these tumblers, climbers, and bushes are the source of immense pride up and down the country.

The Terrific Tomato is our pick for August.

tomato seedlings in a tray


Tomatoes are best sown in mid-late Spring when the last frost has passed. They can be sown directly out into their pots but are one of the vegetables which benefit the most from getting started on a windowsill – if nothing else it will mean you can get your hands on some tasty tomatoes a few weeks sooner.

You can do this by scooping some compost into an old mushroom tray and planting your seeds in there. Transplant by gently pulling out each plant when they are a couple of inches tall and planting in their pots outside.

There are all sorts of different tomatoes you can experiment with. For growing in the city, we like to use a dwarf variety, so they stay small and compact, but if you have some more space, we encourage you to get adventurous!



It’s easy to know when tomatoes are ready to harvest – they turn from their growing green into vibrant reds, yellows and oranges.

Just pull off each individual tomato when it’s ready, and try not to eat it before you get back inside!  





Is there anything better than fresh tomatoes, basil and buffalo mozzarella? Or as bruschetta, chopped up fine with some onion, garlic, olive oil and vinegar on some crusty bread?

In our opinion there isn’t – however if you wanted to try a close second, how about Meera Sodha’s tomato, pistachio and saffron tart. Trust us it’s 10/10. 

Finally, if you are inundated with tomatoes, why not try a refreshing gazpacho to sip in the sun? 

Meerah Sodha's tomato pistachio and saffron tart

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