"Our mission is to bring the joy of growing vegetables at home to small city spaces, promoting positive environmental impacts and improving wellbeing"

Growing vegetables at home is awesome. At Sprout, we want to also make it easy

Sprout Mission Statement

there are so many benefits to growing your own vegetables

Reducing food miles and the need for packaging on vegetables. Freeing up land to be given back to nature, meaning no machinery, supply chains, herbicides or pesticides. Improving local air quality, and mental wellbeing. providing much needed food for bees and other pollinators.

Most importantly, it provides loads of fresh and healthy vegetables right on your doorstep to enjoy!

but it can be hard

It requires time and effort to get started, and careful planning to keep productive. Knowing what to buy and where to buy it is confusing, especially if you live in a city. We want to change that.

Our Mission Statement

designed for the city

We have carefully designed plots to maximise productivity in small spaces.

We combine specific varieties of vegetables - chosen to thrive in small spaces - into integrated annual plots, growing each vegetable in its most productive season. If you have a free windowsill, or space on a balcony or patio, we’d love to help you get growing. We’ll deliver everything you need to your door.

made for the world

Sustainability is at our core.

All of our products have been consciously chosen to minimise our environmental impact. For example, our pots are made from 100% recycled plastic and other waste materials, and all our compost and seeds are Soil Association Certified and organic. When following our plots, we will teach you how to actively manage the long-term soil health - an often forgotten but hugely important part of growing vegetables.