Angus the founder of sproutHello! I’m Angus, founder of Sprout 

Home grown vegetables have been a staple for me all my life. I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm in Somerset, with a Mum who is a supreme gardener. I loved helping out where I could, which usually meant pulling out weeds while she did the important stuff!

I moved to London determined to keep this up, so I started about transforming my balcony into a city vegetable patch. It started as a bit of fun, a way of bringing a little bit of home to the city. Over time I realised that with careful planning (and many more lessons from Mum), I could grow serious amounts of vegetables in my small space. There is something so special about growing the food you eat, and I am convinced the vegetables taste better!

However, the process of growing vegetables on my balcony was easier said than done - even with all I had learnt growing up on the farm. There’s a lot of information out there to help grow vegetables, but it’s all aimed for people with gardens or allotments. It was very hard to find small space specific information. On top of that, since I’ve been city gardening, all three of my local garden centres have been demolished to build flats, and without a car I was stuck.

With more and more friends showing an interest in growing their own vegetables, but not knowing where or how to start, Sprout was born

At Sprout, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to grow vegetables at home in urban environments, sharing this amazing experience and promoting all the many positive benefits that growing your own vegetables brings – environmental and personal.

We have carefully planned a series of integrated annual plots for you to follow, combining specific varieties of vegetables - chosen to thrive in small spaces - in their most productive season. If you have a free windowsill, or space on a balcony or patio, we’d love to help you get growing. We’ll deliver everything you need to your door in London.