5 City Friendly Vegetables to Plant in August

It's our mission to encourage growing vegetables at home in small city spaces, to promote positive environmental impacts and improving wellbeing.  

It's a common myth that you need to start a vegetable garden early in the Spring. We disagree - it's never too late to get growing! 

Knowing how or where to start gardening can be hard - we want to help this. We've pulled together a list of 5 great city friendly vegetables you could plant this August. If you have some spare space on a balcony, a patio or even a windowsill, read on for some small garden ideas. 


carrot seedlings in sunshine - grow vegetables at home - small garden ideas

Carrots – sow now to harvest in late Autumn. Carrots are a great option for the city, as growing them in pots means they won’t encounter the rocks and other obstacles they would usually in the ground – meaning you can grow nice long, straight carrots! Try a variety called Amsterdam Forcing.




kale on balcony in sun - what to grow on a balcony - small garden ideas

Kale – these hardy plants don’t mind the cold, so you can be harvesting the same plants all the way through to next Spring. Either sow them close to each other and continuously harvest the baby leaves, or space them out and let them grow into big Cavolo Neros before starting to harvest the bigger leaves.



lettuce growing in the sunshine - small garden ideas

Lettuce – perfect for Summer harvests, as they will be ready 2-3 weeks from sowing. We recommend sowing successionally (i.e. one row or pot each week) so they don’t all come at once!



rainbow chard - things to plant in AugustChard – like Kale, Chard can also be grown right through the Winter. Just keep picking the biggest leaves and stems, leaving the smaller ones to grow into your next harvest. Make sure you get a Rainbow Chard mix to see the full range of the amazing coloured stems they have.


pea shoots - what to grow on a windowsill - grow your own vegetables

Pea Shoots – a specific type of pea which is grown closely packed together and harvested young for its stems and leaves. They grow fast and you can get multiple harvests from the same crop – what’s more they fix nitrogen in the soil as they grow so you can help rejuvenate the soil from previous crops whilst also growing yourself a tasty snack!



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