Sprout Subscriptions

A good plan is key for any vegetable plot to be a success

At Sprout, we want to transform small city spaces - like balconies, patios and windowsills - into productive vegetable plots

Small Vegetable Plot Ideas

Our subscriptions are fully integrated annual plots, which will maximise productivity in small city spaces, all year round

We have consciously chosen specific varieties of vegetables, herbs and microgreens with the ability to thrive in small city spaces. They stay small and compact, grow quickly and can be harvested over long periods - perfect to pick what you need, when you need it.

We combine these vegetables, herbs and microgreens into annual plans, so you will grow multiple crops in each pot through the year, maximising productivity. With Sprout everything you'll grow will be in its best season, and alongside, or after, companions which will boost its growth.

Seasonal Vegetables

In our Seasonal Vegetables subscription, you'll grow 6 of these vegetables throughout the year. Depending on the time of year you subscribe, you'll be growing a different selection of the vegetables to make sure what you are growing is in it's best season. Expect monthly deliveries of expertly crafted Growing Guides will help you along every step of the way. Keep your eye out for a few surprise presents too!

Small Vegetable Plot Ideas

Herbs and Microgreens

In our Herbs and Microgreens subscription, you'll grow 6 different herbs and 11 different microgreens throughout the year. We split these into 4 seasonal deliveries so you are growing each one in their best growing conditions, giving you the most in season tastes.

 herbs and microgreens you can grow on your windowsillherbs and microgreens you can grow on your windowsill

You don't need a garden to grow vegetables. You don't need much space. However, what you do need is a bit of imagination and some high quality materials - that's where we come in. You also need a whole lot of love - and that's where you come in!

Small Vegetable Plot Ideas

Our plots are uniquely designed for small city spaces

Whether your space is a windowsill, a patio, or a balcony, Sprout subscriptions are designed for you.

Our subscriptions are fully integrated, so you'll be continuously growing the most in-season vegetables, herbs and microgreens all through the year. To maintain high productivity, we base our subscriptions on a high-quality set up, delivering the perfect pots and compost to go with your subscription.


Stylish and city-friendly, and the most environmentally friendly pots on the market. Our Ecopots are big enough to grow great vegetables, and small enough to be easily manoeuvrable, for if you move house or just want a rearrange. The Seasonal Vegetables subscription is designed to be grown in two square pots, and the Herbs and Microgreens subscription is designed for three round pots - see them here!


We love to use Fertile Fibre's Soil Association certified organic compost - packed full of slow release nutrients - to keep your vegetables growing strong all year round. It contains environmentally friendly coir which adds structure to improve its water retention ability (very important in pots) and is lightweight for manoeuvrability.

During your subscription, we will teach you how to look after your compost, and send you top ups and fertiliser whenever they are needed.