Turn Your Garden into a Wildlife Paradise

sunflowers in the sun

Earth Day 2022, the day where we put the planet first.

This year we thought we'd help by highlighting some easy wins in your garden that can really help wildlife. 

Did you know? UK gardens cover 4,330 sqkm - an area twice the size of Greater London. Imagine if all of that area was a safe haven for nature!

Here are some easy things to grow which can really help nature:

Sunflowers – delightful and very easy to grow from seed, these beauties provide a fantastic source of food for birds as well as being great for pollinators.

Lavender, Catmint or Foxgloves – as well as adding splashes of colour, these plants will positively hum with activity as the pollinators have their fill.

Make a Mini-meadow – save the effort of mowing your lawn and just let it grow - you could even join in with #nomowmay! The bees and the butterflies will love you for it.

Wildflowers – very easy to grow from seed - you just need to scatter them - and creates a colourful pollinator heaven. Even better, they self seed so will keep coming back every year.

Add Water – looking to go one further, add a water feature! Even the smallest pond can make a massive difference for wildlife. You'll hopefully find it frequented by dragonflies, frogs, birds and many others in no time.

tulip in a wildlife friendly garden

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